Connecticut Diversionary Programs

Connecticut Diversionary Programs

What is a diversionary program?

A diversionary program keeps your permanent record clean. Not all criminal cases result in a prosecution or conviction. This is, in part, because Connecticut’s legislators have created a variety of “diversionary programs” that allow criminal defendants, people charged with a crime or a motor vehicle violation, to resolve their case without a conviction being added to their permanent record. The diversionary programs in Connecticut include:

  1. Pretrial Impaired Driving Intervention Program (IDIP)
  2. Pretrial Drug Education Program (DEP)
  3. Pretrial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program (AR)
  4. Pretrial Family Violence Education Program (FVEP)
  5. Pretrial Supervised Diversionary Program for people with psychiatric disabilities (SDP aka Psych AR)
  6. Pretrial Suspended Prosecution for drug or alcohol dependence treatment (CADAC)
  7. Pretrial Suspended Prosecution for illegal sale, delivery, or transfer of pistols, revolvers, long guns, armor piercing or incendiary .50 caliber ammunition, or large capacity magazines (Gun AR)
  8. Pretrial School Violence Prevention Program (School Violence)

These programs are useful in helping defendants that have made a mistake resolve their cases in a way that benefits the community and themselves, without a permanent mark on their record to show for it. 

The only downside? There are restrictions on how often you can use the various programs which makes it is very important for your attorney to make sure there is no other way to resolve your case without using the program. Many of the diversionary programs have time restrictions which means if you used the program once you are not eligible to use it again for a certain time period, and other programs have no time elements and once you use it for certain crimes or violations you can never use it again.    

The top Fairfield County Connecticut criminal defense attorneys know that just because a client is eligible for a program does not mean that it should be immediately applied for if there might be another path to resolving the case. Whether through the use of the prosecutors discretion to drop the charges or reducing the charge to a non-criminal offense (infraction), there are creative ways to achieve a similar result without applying for the program. Using one of these programs should be a matter of last resort after trying to resolve the case in these more creative ways. Our attorneys do this to preserve a client’s program eligibility in case there is another criminal issue down the road.

If you’re looking for a criminal defense team that thinks down the road, rather than convincing you to immediately applying for a program because it is the easiest way for them, then look no further. If you have been charged with a crime or motor vehicle violation, an experienced criminal defense team like the one here at Bayer & Black, PC can help you resolve your case while also preserving your long-term interests. Give us a call at 203-762-0751. The call is free and it could impact the rest of your life or the life of a family member or friend.

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