Contract Disputes in Connecticut

Contracts are the foundation of good business. The wording and legal bindings of a contract can assist business in purchasing goods, selling products, and marketing their brand. If you are an owner or partner, and are facing a contract dispute, you may feel the repercussions financially and intellectually. At Bayer & Black, P.C., we know that your business and partnerships are important to you—when one portion of a contract is not held up, you may be losing time and money. We are devoted to helping our clients reach amicable resolutions to ensure that the legally binding obligations of a contract are upheld.

What is breach of contract?

Contracts are written, binding agreements that hold two or more parties accountable for actions aforementioned in the contract itself. When one or more party does not uphold their end of the binding agreements of a contract, it may be considered a breach of contract. In a breach of contract, one party does not fulfill their contractual obligations and may be held liable for breach of promise. This is considered a civil wrong, and the party that is being affected by the breach may file a lawsuit against the breaching party.

There are a few types of breaches recognized in court, these include:

  • Minor Breaches: These small breaches are relatively small, and while they can be fixed, they still breach contractual agreements. The non-breaching party in these cases can sue for actual damages.
  • Fundamental Breaches: In a fundamental breach, the non-breaching party may have the legal right to terminate the contract. These usually involve prolonged breaches or breaches between partners.
  • Anticipatory Breaches: These contract breaches may not necessarily happen right away, but the non-breaching party has a valid assumption that one party will not uphold their portion of a contract.

Dedicated Representation from Bayer & Black, P.C.

Contracts are an important part of every business and corporation. A successful partnership relies on the understandings and contractual agreements outlined in these binding papers. If you are a facing a contract dispute, it is important that you contact an attorney from Bayer & Black, P.C. right away. At our firm, we have an in-depth understanding of Connecticut laws as they apply to contracts and will aggressively defend your case. We are aware that the sooner the contract dispute is over, the sooner you can move forward with your business venture. You are a hard-worker; you deserve a hard-working team.

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