Connecticut Assault Rifle Laws

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In Connecticut State law, the definition of an assault weapon is quite broad, covering some firearms that many people would argue against being defined as an assault weapon, or assault rifle. The list of weapons specifically named is so long – expanding into the dozens – it is unreasonable to list them all here. (The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch website has a full list for those interested.) In addition to the specified firearms, adding a certain modification to nearly any sort of gun can make it an assault weapon by legal definition.

Modifications to guns that can constitute it as an assault weapon include:

  • Folding stocks
  • Flash suppressors
  • Second hand grip
  • Revolving cylinders (shotguns)
  • Barrel shrouds
  • Carrying capacity for additional magazines

If you possess a firearm that is considered an assault weapon in Connecticut, you might be breaking state laws without even realizing it. Contact our team at Bayer & Black, P.C. and tell our Fairfield County criminal defense lawyers know what charges you are facing during a free initial consultation. With our help, we may be able to have all charges dropped against you, or reduce your sentencing.

Lawful Possession of Assault Weapons in CT

Largely in direct response to school shootings across the country in recent years, including the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December of 2012, Connecticut State laws ban the possession of assault weapons for most people. Only law enforcement officers and active military personnel may possess an assault weapon as long as it is in response to their official duties. Certain individuals may be able to file an assault weapon certificate application form for lawful possession, but the use of the weapon is still extremely limited. The sale or purchase of any assault firearm must also involve an officially licensed gun dealer in Connecticut.

Strict Penalties for Gun Law Offenders

If you possess any sort of assault weapon unlawfully in Connecticut, you may be charged with a felony gun crime. By definition you could be facing more than a year in prison, high fines, and permanent confiscation of your firearms. Do not let harsh consequences harm your wellbeing, especially when you might not have known your gun was an assault weapon in the first place, without a fight. Contact our Connecticut gun crimes attorneys today for more information about how we can build your case and take it to court on your behalf.