Danbury, Stamford and Bridgeport family courts and COVID-19 operations as of May 5, 2020.

Contested Cases. As of today, May 5, 2020, with limited exceptions, Connecticut family courts are still not open for normal operation for contested trials and hearings.  It has been reported that there will be no contested hearings in Danbury, Stamford or Bridgeport courts in May or June.  That means that pending divorce cases, motions for contempt, and motions for modification, that do not have parties in agreement, have no process right now for the parties to be heard and a decision issued. However, courts are accepting complaints, motions, requests and other filings and the process can at the very least be started (and retroactivity begin) so that once court does open more fully you will be ahead of the deluge that may occur thereafter. Only certain courts are open right now and you need to be sure where you are supposed to file. See "Filing the paperwork" below.

Agreements. If you have an agreement in your case then you can move forward. Parties with written agreements in family court matters may request approval of their agreements without having to come to the courthouse for a hearing. The procedure is available to request the entry of final judgment in any action for dissolution of marriage, custody, parenting time, modification of child support and/or alimony, educational support orders, or a final order on most any motion, as long as the parties are in complete agreement and file all necessary documents. If you believe you may be able to reach an agreement or need help with the paperwork please call us if you need help. 

Filing the paperwork. If your case is pending in Stamford, or would be filed in Stamford then you need to file paperwork in Bridgeport court. If your case is pending in Danbury, or would be filed in Danbury then you need to file paperwork in Waterbury court. 

If you have any questions or concerns about what you can, and maybe should, be doing right now in relation to a pending divorce or custody action, or want to know more about moving forward with such an action in the current environment please call me, Kevin Black , at 203-529-6897.

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