Connecticut Allows Limited Scope Representation in Family Matters

In order to accommodate the ever-increasing number of pro se litigants in divorce cases, Connecticut has initiated a pilot program offering the parties in a divorce the option to hire an attorney to represent them for a specific proceeding. This will eliminate the need to seek a legal professional for all aspects of a given case. Once the attorney has completed the limited representation as to the specific matter for which they were hired, the attorney will file a form which notifies all parties and the public that the limited representation has come to an end.

The party and the attorney can always agree to expand the scope of the limited representation, even to the point of the attorney filing a general appearance as the attorney of record for the case. This means pro se litigants can continue to represent themselves throughout their case while working with a a lawyer of their choice.

If you currently represent yourself in a divorce action or post judgment action and might be interested in securing legal services for a particular aspect of the case, there is now another option other than hiring an attorney for all court appearances and all negotiations. For more information on this topic as provided by the Connecticut Judicial Branch, please follow the links below:

Hiring a Lawyer for Part of Your Legal Matter (Limited Scope Representation)

Frequently Asked Questions about Limited Scope Representation in Connecticut


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