JRI Referrals in Connecticut During COVID-19

JRI Referrals in Connecticut During COVID-19

People accused of a crime or crimes in Connecticut who have not been able to post bond or bail after arrest may be eligible for release to a treatment facility during the pretrial phase of their case. It is called a JRI referral which stands for a Jail Re-Interview process.  These referrals stopped with the onset of the COVID-19 court shutdown. However, they are now beginning to be offered on a limited basis.

These referrals did not need an agreement with the prosecutor, although they do often agree to them for non-violent offenders, but going forward until court operations have regularly scheduled hearings the only JRI placements being made will be those that were pending at the time the courts stopped operating on non-priority matters AND where all parties agree to the placement.

So, if you or a loved one were waiting for a placement, or for a bed to open up, at a treatment facility you or they may now once again be able to pursue that placement. The process is a little more complicated in the current environment, and especially if the release is conditioned on the person entering a plea before release, but it can be done.

The JRI process as described on Judicial Website - Jail Re-Interview (JRI) Services: Bail staff provides jail re-interview services at Department of Correction facilities to obtain additional information for individuals held on bond after arraignment. JRI staff work with the defendant and their family and /or references, to develop a pre-trial releases plan. Pre-trial releases plans consider the defendant’s treatment needs and the family’s ability to post bond. If a pre-trial release recommendation is appropriate, the information is communicated back to the Court and is ruled on during a bond modification hearing. This program allows a defendant to access treatment quicker and also helps to reduce overcrowding at jail and prison facilities.

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