Don't send in that ticket!!! Connecticut Possession of Alcohol by a Minor (under age 21)


Solo CupThe cop said to just pay my possession of alcohol by a minor ticket because it’s only an infraction, so should I?

Of the many things that the police do that frustrates me, this one might take the cake. The police in many Fairfield County towns such as Greenwich, Wilton, Darien and Westport tell kids caught with alcohol that they don’t need a lawyer and to just pay these tickets because “it's only an infraction.” Tell a kid he can avoid telling his parents that he got a ticket for underage (under 21 years old) possession of alcohol and my guess is that many kids (I know I would have) take that route!  The statement about the infraction itself is accurate, but it downplays the seriousness of the offense and fails miserably by what it leaves out. It leaves out the fact that if you plead guilty to the ticket your child’s right to operate a motor vehicle will be suspended for either 30 or 60 days and will now have an alcohol related suspension on the child’s driving history. I am sure you can guess how well that will go over with your insurance company, not to mention the costs and fees associated with reinstating the license after the suspension. Many of my Wilton, Westport, Ridgefield and New Canaan parents find out about the ticket for the first when the DMV suspension shows up in the mail!  Don’t fall into this police trap. If you already did we can help get that license suspension revered but there are time limits so call immediately! Don't wait, call an experienced Stamford, Bridgeport and Danbury Possession of Alcohol by Minor defense attorney today.

Click here for more information on underage possession of alcohol including parent/sibling liability.

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