Impaired Driver Intervention Program for Connecticut DUI/DWI Offenders


If you are arrested in Connecticut for a DWI/DUI you may still be able to keep your record clean! Connecticut has a program in place called the Impaired Driver Intervention Program (IDIP). It was formerly known as the Alcohol Education Program (AEP).

You are eligible for the IDIP if you have never been convicted of a DUI/DWI in Connecticut or any other state, and have not used the IDIP or its predecessor the AEP within the last 10 years. You are eligible if you previously used the IDIP or the AEP and 10 years have passed. The 10-year period starts on the dismissal date the last time you used the program through the date of arrest for the new DUI/DWI.  You are not eligible if you have a prior conviction no matter how long it has been since the conviction. 

The IDIP program is a discretionary program that is granted within the discretion of the court after considering various factors.   Factors the court will consider are 1. was there erratic operation that put others in danger; 2. was there an accident; 3. where there injuries to anyone and how serious; 4. how did you perform on the standardized field sobriety tests; 5. did you refuse to perform the standardized field sobriety tests; 6. breath/urine/blood test readings; 7. did you refuse a breath/urine/blood test; 8. were you cooperative with police; 9. any prior use of the program or lesser alcohol driving offesnes from other States; and 10. general facts about the person charged with the offense.

There is a fee to apply and an additional fee if the program is granted. If granted most applicants will need to complete 12 educational classes and 1 Mother's Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panel (MADD VIP). Certain cases will require a higher level of care if deemed appropriate after an alcohol/drug evaluation. If the program requirements are successfully completed the DUI/DWI charge will be dimissed one year from the date the program was granted.

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