5 Tips to handle a criminal or motor vehicle case without an attorney

5 Tips to handle your Criminal or Motor vehicle case without a lawyer

Not everyone can afford a lawyer and some people simply choose to not hire one. If you choose to forego your right to counsel than here are 5 helpful tips:

  1. Appearance and demeanor. Yes, your clothes and actions matter. We tell you how to dress well and speak clearly.
  2. Know the court process. With our simple tips, you can improve the chances of seeing the right person at the courthouse and not wasting a whole day doing it.
  3. First contact with the prosecutor. Use your time with the prosecutor wisely. We tell you what to say and not say in your first encounter.
  4. Be prepared and ready. Having the right documents, letters of recommendation, and receipts can speed your case along. We provide a list of what you should gather before appearing in court.
  5. Be respectful. We explain what being polite and respectful at each step of the process can do for you, and how being rude can hurt your case.
If you have decided not to use a lawyer for a simple criminal or motor vehicle matter, we encourage you to at least download and read more on these tips at https://www.bayerandblack.com/reports/   We think you will be glad you did!
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